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Alcohol Detox
Chronic excessive drinking can lead to physiological tolerance and dependence on alcohol.
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Opiate Detox
Here at Turning Point, our goal is abstinence--total freedom from mind-altering chemicals.
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Intensive outpatient
Our intensive outpatient program in Albuquerque provides a great level of care that helps people.
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Family Support
You may notice that your spouse or family member has to make a run to the liquor store every weekend.
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Turning Point Recovery Center provides the best alcohol detox and drug treatment in Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas. We are an addiction treatment center focused on alcohol detox, drug detox, and long-term alcohol and drug outpatient rehab. Our range of treatment services includes assessments, individual counseling, group counseling, IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), residential and outpatient detox, psychiatric services, trauma therapy, family support, acupuncture, and long-term continuing care.

Albuquerque is home to many unique cultural traditions in which locals take pride. However, high rates of heroin use, prescription opioid abuse, and drunken driving fatalities are also unfortunate facts of life in New Mexico. Addiction can affect anyone. If you are seeking an alcohol and drug rehab center with incredibly high standards of evidence-based care, Turning Point is the right choice for you, or your loved one.

When our Owner and Founder, Paul Tucker, took a look at the recovery options available in the area, he was startled at the lack of choices. Many programs today operate from what is called a “harm-reduction” model of recovery, which simply stresses cutting down on alcohol or drug use, or continuing to use, but in more “safe” ways. Turning Point Recovery Center has a different philosophy - one that is derived from the same founding principles as the 12-step movement - and that is abstinence. We believe addicts will never get free from the pain and unmanageability in their lives without complete sobriety from the substance of abuse.

One misconception people sometimes have about drug treatment centers is that they are either scary, low-quality facilities, or that they are too fancy to be afforded. Turning Point has found the perfect balance point for our clients. We offer an aesthetically pleasing, professional treatment environment at an affordable cost, covered by most insurance plans.

You may be wondering if you need detox? The short answer is that some individuals struggling with addiction require a medically-supervised detoxification if they are at risk for suffering withdrawal symptoms. It can be medically dangerous to quit alcohol or drugs “cold turkey.” Before you decide you can stop on your own, schedule an assessment with Turning Point so a medical professional can determine if you need detox services. Detox comes first, followed by IOP, or if needed, we will assist you in finding a residential treatment center if you require that level of care before beginning our IOP program. We assess for medical and emotional appropriateness before you begin IOP to make sure you do not have to struggle with withdrawal symptoms while you are working on the beginning stages of your recovery.

A quality alcohol detox center can be hard to find anywhere, but services in New Mexico can be especially limited. Often, drug and alcohol treatment centers require detoxification before entry into the program. Turning Point is able to offer our clients inpatient, detoxification services, if needed, either in our residential location, or outpatient detox from your own home.

For our clients in our IOP program, we have had great success using innovative detox protocols for both alcohol and drug addiction to minimize discomfort from withdrawal, reduce cravings, and help prevent relapse.  During your initial assessment, our detox team will discuss Vivitrol and Accudetox with you.  Vivitrol is an injectable, nonaddictive medication which helps reduce cravings for alcohol while in IOP.  Vivitrol is also an incredibly valuable tool in the protocol we use to detox from heroin/opiates.  We also offer Acudetox, another powerful tool to assist you during your detox period.  

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