Not all substance abuse detox programs are created equally. Not all drug rehab centers are created equally. You deserve the highest quality offerings in your recovery to ensure the best outcomes. Turning Point Recovery Center stands above the crowd in substance abuse treatment services in the Albuquerque, New Mexico region. Why? Just look at our services:

Inpatient residential detoxification for alcohol or drugs
Clients in need of around the clock, full service, medically supervised detox can stay in our residential house located in the Northeast section of Albuquerque. Unlike huge detox facilities with dozens of beds and a one-size-fits-all approach, our detox house accommodates a maximum of 5 residents at any time. And rather than a sterile, hospital-type setting, our house sits in a residential neighborhood with all the amenities of home.

Outpatient residential detoxification for alcohol or drugs
Many clients need medically supervised detox services, but are unwilling or unable to enter into residential care, perhaps due to work or family obligations. Turning Point offers these clients the option of the proper medications and regular medical oversight to safely withdraw from alcohol or drugs while remaining at home.


  • We utilize Vivitrol for many of our patients
  • Combined with a good overall treatment plan it provides critical support
  • ​Most insurance covers it
  • It provides 30 days of coverage, per dose
  • Excellent for Alcohol and Opiates
  • Reduces cravings AND blocks positive effects
  • Proven to be effective, increasing positive outcomes

Learn more about Vivitrol from our blog.

Additional information can be found here:

Intensive Outpatient Program
Our IOP is the best in the business. After alcohol and drugs are safely out of the body, the client enters an intensive, supportive, recovery program to avoid relapse and ensure stability. IOP combines group therapy, individual therapy, community meetings, peer support, and accountability. It’s a proven method of recovery.

Individual Counseling
When the first need is for alcohol detoxification or drug abuse services, go to a specialist. At Turning Point, all our counselors work 100% on resolving addictions. Don’t seek out a private practice counselor and think he/she can get you through recovery. You need a full service facility with the range of services we offer.

Family Counseling & Support
We know addiction is a family problem. Turning Point is here to provide education, counseling, and general support to family members affected by addiction. We can help.

Psychiatric Evaluations
Turning Point Recovery Center has retained an exemplary Psychiatric Medical Doctor, Dr. David Durham, to work with our clients who need additional mental health assessments, medications, and follow through. Mental health is an integral part of recovery and we help manage co-occurring issues.

Trauma Therapy with EMDR
Research shows that the vast majority of people who suffer from addictions also have experienced trauma sometime in their life. This could be anything from a “big” trauma like physical abuse, an accident, or death of a loved one, to “small” traumas like being bullied as a kid, losing a job, or suffering from general anxiety. Turning Point has counselors certified and specialized in providing Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. EMDR is a highly effective way of releasing the control of trauma. Learn more about EMDR here:

Acupuncture and Acu-Detox
If you’ve never tried acupuncture or the addiction-specific acu-detox, you will be amazed at the results! Turning Point offers this service free of charge to all our clients in IOP. Acu-detox can help cut down on cravings, improve sleep and mood, and assist recovery without medications. Learn more about it here

Long-term Continuing Care
After detox and IOP, clients who are successful in sobriety can continue with group therapy in aftercare for as long as they like. Many clients find that this ongoing weekly support of other sober peers really strengthens their recovery.

For alcohol detox treatment, opioid, cannabinoid, methamphetamine, and all other drug abuse issues, call Turning Point today. We are the premiere alcohol detox facility and long-term outpatient care for a better life.

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