If you’ve decided that this is the year you will finally get and stay sober, this is the article for you. Whether you’ve already given up substance or alcohol abuse, you’re cutting back, or you really want to give it up for good but don’t know where to start, you’ll want to follow these steps that will help ensure that this new year’s resolution will stick throughout the year.

Find Support

While many individuals undertaking the recovery journey believe that it’s a journey that they can take on their own, those who have support in their recovery are far more likely to succeed with the process. You can head to a 12-step meeting, find a qualified therapist specializing in drug or alcohol treatment, or even check yourself into a residential treatment facility. What’s important is that you have someone in your corner while you’re working on your sobriety.

Undergo the Withdrawal Process

One of the reasons you may choose an inpatient or high-intensity outpatient program is the withdrawal process. Depending upon the drug you are battling an addiction to and how often and how much of it you were using, withdrawing from the drug may require medical support. Having support isn’t just important to fight the cravings, but it’s also important because there are medical solutions that will help minimize the detox symptoms and ensure that serious symptoms of withdrawal don’t occur.

Counting the Days

Once you’ve stopped drinking or using drugs, you can start counting the days since you last used. This can be a very helpful motivator. Remember, these milestones, no matter how small they seem, are a big deal. You won’t want to break your sobriety chain. Many of those who are in recovery celebrate the first 24 hours, the first week, the first months of sobriety, and even the anniversaries of their sobriety date. 12-step groups often provide sobriety tokens to help celebrate these milestones.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is vital when you’re going through recovery. You’ll need to ensure that you develop new methods to cope with stress and anxiety. One way to take care of yourself is through exercise, another is through ensuring that you have enough downtime that you don’t get into your old patterns of using drugs and alcohol to avoid handling the hardships in life.

Watch Your Relationships

Some relationships and friendships are actually toxic. It’s okay to let those go and have them be part of your past. At the very least, it’s good to distance oneself from those who do not support your recovery efforts or those who belittle your intent to get help. Sometimes people have a hard time when those they’re close to want to make changes in their lives, and they will do anything they can to try to keep things the same out of their own fears of change. It’s important not to get pulled back into addictive behaviors by those who are less than thrilled by your intent to lead a new lifestyle.

We’re here to help.

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